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Date: 24 Mar 2017

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Kael - Denzel Washington, [Intro]
Froggy Fresh, and Money Maker Mike, and Denzel Washington

[Hook x2]
I said he's Denzel Washington, the best actor ever
He's so darn cool, he's so darn clever
I think that you're the man, and Mike does too
Denzel, if you want, you can join our crew

[Verse 1]
I remember when I first seen the movie John Q
His son needed a heart, he knew what he had to do
He went up in the hospital and said: "Here's the deal
My name's Denzel, and I always keep it real
My son needs a heart, so you better get one fast
And if you do not hurry up, I will kick your freakin' butt."
And guess what happened? His son got a heart
I knew that he could do it cause Denzel is really smart
And how could you ever forget Man on Fire
If you say it's not a good movie, then you're a liar
Let me tell you why Denzel is a superstar
He left the CIA to be a little girl's bodyguard
The girl got stolen, all we could do is pray
But once again Denzel comes to save the day
He gave his own life in exchange for the girl's
If you ain't heard about my homeboy Denzel he's out of this world

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
And how could you forget The Book of Eli
Where Denzel played the superhero blind guy
It was kind of sad cause everyone was bad
Denzel was the only good guy the world had
He had to hide the Bible from the thieves and the crooks
But then at the end Carnegie stole the book
You thought Denzel had lost and you were like "Dang"
But guess what? Eli memorized the whole thing
Did you forget about The Titans? Do you Remember The Titans?
With his back against the wall, Denzel just keeps on fighting
Coach Boone is the new head coach in town
They tried to make him leave, but Denzel ain't no clown
And once again Denzel comes to save the day
He earned the team's respect and he taught them boys to play
With Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier you better cheer
Because they won the championship on that year

[Hook x2]

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